Kakkapola ....The Remembrance of the Ancestors

Paniyas have a distinct cultural structure comparing to other tribal communities and they worship the nature and few tribal Goddess also they have different and unique cultural rituals and celebrations. Kakkapola is one of the major ritual take place every year before the Vishnu festival,  a convenient day is decided by the Moopan (The leader of the community). All the people from the Paniya colony will be present for the function and many relatives from distant areas also join them.

Kakkapola is all about remembrance of their ancestors and the beloved ones who departed from them and they believe the sprits of the ancestors will join with them on the day and give them blessings, to make them pleased and happy on the Kakkapola day a big number of people perform a folklore dance in the oracle from the evening until sunrise. The celebrations starts when the tribal leader “Moopan” light the oil lamp and cut a banana at the middle of the temporary oracle arranged for the ceremony, then a small group of performers dressed in their traditional costume will join with the mass dancing in the oracle with a circular motion, some of them where weeping in the memories of there loved ones who passed away recently. Some of the aged people seeking the blessings from the performers as they believe they are representing the ancestors . The next day morning the relatives came from the other places leaves the colony wishing each other peace and prosperity in the coming days and agree to meet again in the Vishu festival in the Vishu Temple.



1.Ladies circulating the oracle   2. Tribes with their music instruments  3.Moopan starting the ceremony